Piles sleep in the area around the anus and surrounding the anus. The anal tube is the last part of the large intestine and is about 4 cm long, which is opened on the lower end of the rectum and through which the stool is passed. Piles are a very tragic illness in which the patient becomes very upset due to excessive pain.

Piles are mainly of 2 types – “Internal and External

Internal piles are those which are 2-3 centimeters inside the anus nozzles. These piles are usually painless, because there is no nerve fiber pain in the upper rectal tube.

External hemorrhoids are those which are 2-3 cm below the anus nozzles, there are small tissues that are on the outer surface of the anus, external piles are painful, because the lower part of the anus canal is pain nerve fiber.

Causes of Piles:-

The change in nerves and the cause of piles in the inside of the anus rectus is not clear. It is assumed that the pressure inside and around the anus can be a major cause.

1- Constipation is the cause of hemorrhoids

2- The cause of piles is pregnancy

3-age is the cause of hemorrhoids

4- Genetic also causes the cause of hemorrhoids

5- Extra weight

Some symptoms of Hemorrhoids are below:-

1- Painful bowel movements that cause injury to the rectum or anus

2- Bleeding during bowel movement

3- A sputum secretion from the anus

4- An acne has a painful swelling or tumor or warts

5- Itching in the anus region, which constantly or stops