Osteoporosis is a disease of nature, whose symptoms are usually not seen early. Calcium deficiency in the body is the main cause of osteoporosis. Bone mineral density (BMD) decreases in osteoporosis, bones begin to become hollow and weak and break after a little pressure. In such a situation, it is difficult to re-add the bone again. Cartilage loses its elasticity in osteoarthritis. This disease is more common in women than men. With age, levels of estrogen reduction in women’s body and they increase the risk of osteoporosis. Every third woman with menopause is suffering from this disease. It is not known immediately during the illness.

Symptoms of Osteoporosis:-

  • If very tired
  • Especially in the morning there is pain in the waist
  • Body hurts frequently
  • A slight injury may result in fracture if the problem increases.

Reason and Causes of Osteoporosis:-

Hereditary – If there is a history of the family then the probability of increasing the disease increases.

Diet:- Taking such a diet, which lacks the protein and calcium, also promotes osteoporosis.

Diseases:- like thybicide, thyroid, and excess absorption of calcium, sometimes this disease is also called.

Drinking:- too much of soft ducks is also the cause of young children.

Rest:- Those whose routine is not very active, they are also at risk from this disease.

Cigarette / Alcohol Consumption:- Medicines are less able to obtain calcium. Such people can also get this disease.

Weight:- People who are extremely lean also should be avoided.

Increasing age:- Men and women over 50 years of age are more at risk.

Drug abuse:- Diseases like diseases where patients take steroids and hormone medicines, often due to medicines, this disease is also present.

How Ayurveda Helpful in Osteoporosis?-

Ayurveda has great natural medicines to increase calcium and bone density in osteoporosis, which is a serious condition and can cause bone fracture. Planet Ayurveda recommends osteoporosis care pack for the health of the whole bone. It support in increasing bone density with easy way.