Tension in today’s daily life, negligence on catering is becoming the cause of obesity. This is one of the most important reasons for weight gain, these days it is becoming a common problem. In India, there is everyone in one household suffering from this disease. Not only this, obesity also leads to many other health problems. Obesity is not beneficial for our body in any way but it is harmful to the health of our body.

Obesity Causes & Risk factor

  • Overeating Causes Obesity
  • Eating vata and kapha increasing foods leads to obesity
  • Weight gain due to lack of exercise
  • Weight gain due to insomnia
  • Obesity due to metabolism
  • Obesity caused by medical condition
  • Obesity caused by genetics

Obesity also depends on your ancestry, how efficiently your body turns the diet into energy and how many calories your body reduces during exercise. Diet that lacks fruits and vegetables, is full of calories, can make you fat. You can also take obesity and eat more than you need.

How Ayurveda helpful to remove obesity

Ayurvedic solutions for get more fit are sheltered. These don’t cause any unfriendly impact on your body however enhance it and furthermore do accompany without any side effects. With straightforward safety measure one can remain fit and thin for longer period after the treatment. Paunch fat is most unshakable fat to lose. Ayurvedic solutions for lessen midsection fat give strong and level belly in a brief span and give appealing figure. In the wake of experiencing subtle elements of home solutions for weight in Hindi here one can make strides right way and increase thin, solid and stunning constitution effectively.