Liver is the largest gland in the human body. Liver is located on the right side of our upper abdomen. It is in red and brown and looks like rubber on touch. The weight of a young man’s liver can be up to 2.5-3 pounds. Generally you can’t feel liver, because it is protected by the Rib cage. Rib cage is an arrangement of bones in the chest like shape of a fish. It is formed by the vertebral column, ribs, and sternum and preserves the heart and lungs.

How Liver Works:-

  1. Converts carbohydrate and some amino acids into glucose and gives energy to the body.
  2. Working on the protein makes it useful for the body.
  3. Dilute the waste material and helps them to get out of the body through urine
  4. Process alcohol and various antibiotics.
  5. Process thyroid hormones and estrogen hormones.
  6. Contribute to the production of vitamin D along with skin and kidneys.
  7. helps in the formation of cellular components of blood

Liver Disease Symptoms:-

  • If you have more problems with diarrhea / loose motions, changes in constipation / constipation or secretion, such as irritable bowel syndrome or changes in the color of the stool, black colored stool or blood in the stool, it is related to liver Any kind of illness can be noticed.
  • If there is pain in the right side or middle part of your stomach or right under the ribs then there is a need to be alert. Well this kind of pain stays for a long time; there is no need to panic in common pain.
  • Always have a long stomach, you do not feel hungry, do not want to eat, you are troubled for a long time, show a good doctor.
  • Staying tired or having problems with gastric problems be worried for a long time.
  • When the skin is colorless and the eyes look yellow, then this is the symptom of liver deterioration. Which we usually call jaundice. This type of skin and eyes thus being white and yellow show that the level of bilirubin (a bile pigment) in the blood has increased and due to this the waste material from the body cannot get out.
  • Urine / urine color becomes yellow, when the level of bilirubin increases in the blood flowing in the body, then the color of the urine becomes dark yellow, it can also be a sign of liver related disease of Hepatitis.
  • Skin related diseases such as boils, blisters, burns, itching, rashes (redness) on the skin, or rashes on the skin are another symptom of bad deterioration because when our infection comes in Liver, it is not properly purified of blood Is able to do it. Due to the high blood pressure, many such diseases are seen.
  • Even if there is no fever, the mouth’s taste worsens and persistent bitterness may be due to the malfunction of the liver. Not only is this, due to excessive ammonia, there also a smell of mouth due to liver failure.
  • Problems like live mucus, vomiting, and sour duct can be a sign of liver disorders such that due to indigestion and acidity, the liver is damaged.
  • There is also irritability in the temperament, lethargy, and constant reduction in the mass, stretch in the eyes etc.
  • Liver failure is unhealthy due to swelling in hands and feet, fever, and feeling of weakness.
  • Upon taking a serious form of illness, people begin to get up to the blood vomit.

Ayurvedic treatment is beneficial to liver:-

In Ayurveda, the liver is known as Yakrit. This compulsory organ is identified with fire, stomach defect and blood or Radha dhthu related to fire or stomach. The wrinkle of the cuff indicates the different liver issue which is collected under 2 heads: liver contraction and the developed liver. The present day science includes various types of liver infections such as Janice, liver cirrhosis and other types. Ayurveda fixes a wide range of diseases of the liver to determine the scarcity and vaman to remove the collected poisons due to distracted defects.