Heart is an important part of our body, which cleanses our blood and reaches various parts of the body. The heart of a healthy man beats 72 times in a minute, 1 million times in a day and 3 million 60 million times in a year. Every minute our heart pumps five and a half liters of blood.

Symptoms of Heart Disease

Heart ailments incorporate numerous conditions that influence your heart. This incorporates cardiovascular disappointment, coronary course ailment, arrhythmia, angina, and other heart related contaminations, abnormalities, and birth absconds. “Heart malady” is regularly used to supplant each other with “cardiovascular illness”. Cardiovascular ailment generally alludes to those conditions which incorporate restricted or blocked veins in the heart, which can prompt heart assault, chest torment (angina) or stroke.

  1. Shortness of breath
  2. Chest pain (angina)
  3. Neck, jaw, throat, upper stomach or back pain
  4. Pain in your feet or hands, numbness, weakness or coldness, in those parts of your body in which the blood vessels are compressed.

Symptoms May Include:

  1. fever
  2. Shortness of breath
  3. Weakness or fatigue
  4. Swelling of your legs or stomach
  5. Irregular heart beat
  6. Dry or persistent cough
  7. Skin rashes or abnormal spots

How Ayurveda Helps In Heart Disease?

Ayurveda is proving its usefulness in today’s era. Treatment of any kind of cardiovascular disease is possible without any surgery from Ayurveda. But some people still do not believe in Ayurveda, even if they want to. If you want to adopt Ayurveda, then you need to adopt herbal methods. Ayurveda can be easily treated with vata (neuralgia-related ventilation), bile (Agni-verb related to digestive system) and cuff (water-action related to the arterial system). But it is also important for him to follow the instructions given by the physician.

Some people are also trusting Ayurveda and this is due to Ayurvedic medicine that the disease is completely exhausted and there is no side effects of these medicines. There are many types of diseases in cardiovascular diseases. Such as heart attack, high blood pressure, rheumatic heart disease, birth defects, heart failure, pericardial drift etc.